CleanLight Mini Portable UV Sterilizer



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Product Will Be Available September 21st

CleanLight Mini is a must-have accessory for germ-killing and personal protection! Keep your items clean and sanitized wherever you go. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, at the office or in your car, there are dozens of items you touch regularly that need to be sanitized. Disinfect steering wheels, handles, public cups, silverware, light switches and pens. Limit germ exposure CleanLight Mini!

KILLS 99.99% OF GERMS AND BACTERIA IN 3 MIN- Quickly sterilize items on-the-go! Great for any small personal items like cups, silverware, pens, pacifiers, credit cards and more.

POWERED BY YOUR PHONE OR MOBILE DEVICE - No chords or chargers needed! Lightning output for iPhones/Type-C for Android

ATTACHES TO KEYRING OR KEYSMART - Easy to carry and access whenever you need it. 

INCLUDES WRIST LANYARD - Never worry about dropping or losing it. Stays safe and secure around your wrist. 

PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT - Won’t add bulk or weight to your keychain. Easy to store in your pocket or wallet.